• this was a very well planned course. just the right level and not OTT lectures. everything was useful. the practical sssions were presented by excellent teachers. all well versed and essential. £85 is too cheap. if it was in london if would be £285. cant believe you get a book as well. speakers all excellent.
  • the best course i have ever attended.
  • I think the day was structured well - it was ran at a good pace with regular breaks and also taught me the basics on ENT which making it feel too complex
  • Well balanced between lectures and practical stations.
  • Fantastic course at an appropriate level for ENT SHOs. Lots of material covered without it becoming too heavy. Perfect balance between lectures & practical skills. Thank you!
  • Very well organised and topic choices well targeted. Very good teachers
  • Fantastic course with all the relevant information
  • Excellent course - better than I was expecting. Presentations were at the right level, interesting and not too long. Practical stations were very useful particularly nasoendoscopy.
  • Fantastic course. Well organised. Excellent practical skills.
  • Well organised, ran smoothly. Good time for lectures and practical sessions. Having 2 people per practical session worked well as close tutoring.
  • Excellent Course, Thank you
  • Practical’s very good to practice on each other
  • Course very organized pitched at beginners which was really helpful
  • Fantastic course, wish I’d done this course before doing A & E
  • The whole course was very useful – thank you
  • Very helpful thanks,
  • Face interaction right level
  • Good all round session
  • All important and common topics were discussed
  • Thanks for a great course !
  • Good theory and practical experience
  • Great practical stations . A really useful course, thank you very much
  • Excellent day , very useful , Thanks
  • Good organization
  • Good amount of info not overload , enjoyable practical
  • All of it well presented useful, appropriate knowledge
  • Practical excellent
  • The whole course was organized and thought well
  • Great baseline and easily understandable for non-ENT
  • Well organized , lectures very useful, practical stations very well chosen and very representative for ENT job, Thanks
  • Great faculty keenness and knowledge





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